How Do I Know if my Sewer Line is Broken?

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Expert Solutions for Broken Sewer Lines and Pipes

Identifying Broken Sewer Lines: Know the Signs

How to Detect a Broken Sewer Line: Detecting a broken sewer line early can save you from extensive property damage and costly repairs. Some signs that may indicate a broken sewer line include unusual wet spots in your yard, foul sewage odors inside or outside your property, unusually lush patches of grass, frequent sewage backups, and slow draining sinks or bathtubs.

Understanding the signs of a broken sewer line is crucial. Listen for gurgling sounds coming from your drains, notice if water backs up in your toilet or bathtub when using the washing machine, or if you observe significant cracks in your foundation. These symptoms often suggest that your sewer line is compromised and may require replacement.

Our Sewer Replacement Process

At UpFront Plumbing Drains Heating & Air, we follow a meticulous process to ensure your sewer replacement is conducted with the highest level of professionalism and efficiency:

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